Where do I start?

Now that you have found Australian Cemetery Supplies, we can help you make the right choice. You can either take a walk around your local cemetery or get some ideas on styles, colours etc. Taking some photos of what you like, will help. Or if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our catalogue book, please give us a call and we will help start the following process.

  • Give you some estimate prices
  • Help you with styles, colours and material
  • Design a memorial
  • Help with inscription options
  • Provide you with a free written quote for you to consider
  • Provide you with pictures, plans and proofs of the proposed memorial and inscription that you have chosen(which you can still change at this point)
  • Confirm your order
  • We submit council/cemetery work application forms, and any other documentation required if applicable
  • Start work on memorial foundations if required
  • Erect  or supply memorial

What are the prices?

Prices can vary greatly from a simple grave marker to a full family monument, but as a guide for a single full covered granite monument it is about $7000 – $12,000 on average. For a double side by side monument is roughly around $10,000 – $17,000 is average. Simple grave markers vary from $750-$2,500 and headstones on a base average around $3000 – $5000.

Which memorial is right for me?

A very common question among customers is how to choose the ‘right’ memorial?
The simple answer to this is there is no right or wrong memorial design – ultimately the choice will come down to your budget, needs, tastes and possibly cemetery regulations. Below are some important questions worth thinking about.

What is my budget?

How much do you want to spend on a memorial? The prices for headstone and gravestones can vary quite considerably, depending on the quality, granite colour and style. Generally speaking, most monuments fall within a price range of $2,500-$12,000. A good idea when initially speaking to your monumental mason is to let them know what your price range is. That way they can automatically show you what range of memorials fall within your budget.

Single or double monument?

This will depend on your circumstances. If the gravestone is for your partner and you wish to be buried beside them, the best option would be a double monument-as it would be cheaper than purchasing two single monuments.

How long after the burial do we have to wait?

3 months is usually enough. Keep in mind it also could take 1-4 months to choose and complete a monument from your first enquiry date. If a monumental suggests you wait a year or so, it probably means they do not intend to construct a proper foundation.

What foundations do we need?

Foundations depend on  the type of memorial but at the very minimum we use 150mm diameter concrete piers, installed in each corner to a depth of up to 2000mm, with galvanised steel reinforcement well above the requirements set out by the Australian standards AS4204.

What about the quality of the foundation?

Our work is of the highest quality and is far above industry standards. Of course 100% guaranteed. We use steel bar and reinforced mesh to strengthen the memorial and to prevent concrete cancer.

What type of memorials are available?

Many different shapes and colours are available and it can be quite confusing. It is sometimes best to take a stroll through your local cemetery to gather an impression of the style and size you prefer.

What materials should I consider?

Granite, marble, Sandstone and concrete are the most common materials used. Granite being th most favoured for its durability, but a combination can reduce the cost.

What colour granite is best?

When thinking of a headstone the darker the colour the more inscription lettering will stand out, for example Black granite with gold gilded letters will appear brighter than if it was inscribed to a light grey granite.

What are cemetery fees?

Cemetery fees are paid to the cemetery/council for work done to a grave by a stonemason. The cost goes towards the administration and maintenance of the grounds.

What should I write on the grave?

Inscriptions can be as standard or as personal as you like. Just keep in mind, the length and size of text that can fit on the monument you choose.
Traditionally, most inscriptions start with a heading such as:

  • ‘’In loving memory of ‘’ or similar then the deceased’s name
  • His/her dates of birth/death
  • ‘’Missed by’’ or ‘’loving wife/husband to ‘ etc
  • Names of his/her loved one and possibly a short personal message, a quote or verse.
  • Photo ceramics are also frequently included, which can instantly tell visitors of his or her personality.
  • NOTE; You can google the word EPITHAPS and find many different ideas to create the perfect reflection of a loved ones life.

What about different religious beliefs?

Australian Cemetery Supplies has access to state of the art computer technology to ensure inscriptions in all languages and religious artwork can be produced.

Can you engrave in a foreign language?

Yes, we can engrave in most foreign languages. We will need and exact copy  of what you would like in the language of your choice. Some foreign language lettering has an additional cost because of the difficulty engraving certain characteristics, so please inquire about the price.

Is it possible to add a personal photograph to a gravestone?

Yes, it is possible to add a personal photograph to the stone as it can be a photo ceramic or laser etched to create a high-detail image on the memorial. Ceramic photographs can also be added at a later date. You can also get a design or emblem engraved on the headstone to honour the deceased.

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Selecting The Perfect Inscription For Your Loved One's Memorial



Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

If you want to engrave an inscription or place a bronze plaque on your loved one's memorial, typically there are 3 questions that need to be answered:

1. What wording should be included on the memorial plaque or headstone? 2. What inscription style should I select? 3. How much does an inscription on a memorial plaque or headstone cost? In this guide, we will be discussing these 3 questions, providing you explanations of each of the options that are available to you to help make it easier for you to make an informed decision. Don’t forget we are here to help!

1. Headstone terminology

There are many unfamiliar phrases and words involved in the world of monuments and headstones. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and if certain things don’t reflect the memory of your loved one, don’t be afraid to come up with your own saying that is personalized. There is no wright or wrong inscription rules, Its up to you and family. It can be detailed or as simple as stating the deceased name with date of birth and death.

Selecting The Perfect Inscription For Your Loved One's Memorial

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

2. Memorial inscription wording

There are several different reasons why the wording on your loved one's gravestone/plaque is important:

1. It can be a reminder of your deceased loved one for people who visit the grave in the future for many years to come. 2. A message can be included that the deceased person wanted to express. 3. It can reflect a pertinent thing about the deceased eg. There legacy, there passion in life, there status as a community member, there working career, their achievements academically or with family such as great great great grandparent. 4. It could be the final farewell message from you and your family. 5. There is no right or wrong inscription rules, It’s up to you and family. It can be detailed or as simple as stating the deceased name with date of birth and death.

A headstone wording frequently includes the following:

1. The full name of the deceased. 2. The dates of the birth and death of the deceased. 3. The loved ones name/s 4. An epitaph - a brief message in the deceased's memory.

It can be difficult to choose the wording to use in an epitaph. You will most likely want to get it exactly right. Holistic Human Development specialist Natalie suggests journaling memories you have had with your loved one to help you to remember their essence. This will help you to shape the perfect tone for your memorial message. It is perfectly fine to take your time. Also, ask for suggestions from your stonemason, family, and friends. You can also get inspiration from the examples online.Picture3

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

3. A headstone inscription's design and style

The memorial inscription's style is important since it plays a critical role in creating the tombstone's look. Design professional Sam says the style of the inscription and any additional symbols can help your loved one's headstone stand apart and be more unique and personalised to them. The memorial plaque or headstone's style included the following:

1. Inscription lettering or front. 2. Use of any photos. 3. Use of any symbols/motifs 4. The type of stone engraving. 5. The lettering or font.

The inscription's lettering can usually be made using several different fonts. It is very important to figure out which fonts are suited the best to the stone you are using. That is due to the fact that a deep cut is required for some fonts which might not look clear or sharp on certain kinds of stone. Another thing that can affect the font that you select is the size of your headstone and how long your message is since some fonts are not well suited to use in smaller letter sizes.

Memorial inscriptions use several different types of engraving styles. Keep in mind that the inscription style that you select should consider your budget, any cemetery regulations, your chosen font/s, and the kind of stone you are using. Also, be sure to ask your stonemason if the type of engraving that you have selected needs more maintenance than other types.

1. Incised lettering / standard engraving Standard engraving is a process where the lettering is cut into stone. Sandblasting is usually used. Masonry specialist Tom says this kind of engraving is appropriate for sandstone, marble, and granite monuments. You can leave the letters natural or paint them using 23-carat gold leaf or enamel paint. Gold lettering does costs more than white and silver. 2. Hand carving / v-cut lettering To achieve v-cut lettering, the letters are cut into the stone. Then a chisel and hammer are used to provide a deep 'V' cut to the letters. This type of hand carving is well-suited to headstones made of slate, sandstone, granite, and marble. Like with incised lettering, you can leave this kind of inscription natural, or you can use 23-carat gold leaf or enamel paint. This method of inscription is not used very often these days as it is quite time consuming and very expensive, sometimes up to $25 per letter depending on the size 3. Embossed lettering / raised engraving With an embossed inscription, the letters' background is sandblasted away so that the letters look polished and raised against the background. This is a great maintenance free method as it uses a contrast between the raw and polished granite and the is no need for any gold or paints to highlight the script (works best on darker coloured stones) 4. Lead letter inscriptions To achieve lead letters, the letter outlines are carved into the stone. Lead is then melted and beaten into the letter cavity, so the letters are filled in and lie flush with the stone face. This kind of engraving is expensive but is well-suited to marble. No longer used much these days because as you will see if you wander around and older Cemetery that the letters are starting to fall out of the cavity because the stone expands and contracts forcing the lead out. 5. Raised lead letter inscriptions This type of lettering uses lead letters that stand apart and protrude from the stone. This engraving style is quite expensive, so it is not used very often unless restoration or duplication of an existing inscription is needed. 6. Headstone photos and symbols You should also consider whether you want to include some type of symbol (a religious symbol, for example) with the text, or insert a photo of your loved one on the memorial. There are many options and methods of symbols and motifs that can be transferred onto a headstone or bronze plaque. You can pretty much get any image of the Internet and presented to your stonemason to have it transferred onto Stone or a bronze plaque. Coloured photo ceramics are usually the best method to put a picture of your loved one on a memorial. Try to present your stonemason with a good clear image/photo of your loved one so as it can be transferred clearly to the headstone/bronze plaque.

4. Headstone inscription costs

It can be hard to estimate how much it will cost to inscribe a monument or headstone since stonemasons use different methods to calculate the charges for their inscriptions. Some stonemasons charge for the actual headstone but do not charge anything extra to do the inscription, while others might charge by the number of lines of text on the stone or by the letter. Stonemasons will often do a certain number of letters free and then charge a fee for each additional letter. Some of the different factors that can affect how much a headstone inscription will cost, include the following:

1. Lettering material 2. Use of 22ct gold leaf or enamel paint 3. Type of engraving 4. Any additional photos or symbols 5. Amount of letters 6. Size of Letters

Remember the most important thing to remember when creating the inscription for your loved one’s memorial is that it should come from the heart.

There is no right or wrong!

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