Plaque Types

One Free motif picture with every Bronze Plaque. Click here to see our motifs selection

We deliver worldwide and can give you some tips on how to install the plaques if required.

Bronze Memorial Plaques

These bronze memorial plaques can be used in nearly all circumstances and will stand the test of time. They come in a variety of colours and a wide range of shapes and sizes. Many emblems and motifs can be placed on the bronze plaques to reflect one's life or passion.

All we need from you to give you an estimate price is the size of the plaque you require (any size is available) and the desired inscription you would like on the plaque.

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Bronze Sculptured Plaques

Bronze Sculptured motif plaques have a more raised two dimensional motif that come with set sizes and themes such as bushman, fishing, traveling and religious scenes . You can see in the picture beside this script (Barnes) has 2 types of motifs . The bushman is a sculptured motif and the little dog is a flat motif.

Granite Plaques

Granite Plaques are a useful and economical method to cover a larger area for restoration works to duplicate and cover the existing deteriorating inscriptions

Polished black granite panels usually work the best to highlight the inscription but other colour granite panels can be used.

Pictorial Bronze Memorial Plaques

These pictorial plaques allow you to transfer your photographs directly on to a bronze plaque.
Good clear professional quality photographs are needed to create these timeless plaques.

Glass Memorial Plaques

You can add one or up to 8 of your favorite photos to create your own personal collage or storyboard and truly expressing one’s life of a life well lived. These durable glass plaques are very unique and let us get very creative. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Private Cemetery Plaques

Council and private cemeteries like Pinegrove, Leppington, Castlebrook, Invocare, Fawkner and Springvale to name a few, will allow you to purchase plaques outside of the cemetery, however sometimes they will charge you an installation fee. In most cases we are still cheaper than buying the plaques through the cemetery and we can ensure that the plaques meet the cemetery requirements and assist you through the process.

About Us

Australian Cemetery Supplies is a 3rd generation family owned business that has been operating since the 1970’s. Our home based factory is located on the South Coast of NSW and we service cemeteries right across Australia. We create customized Memorial Plaques, Grave Memorials, Headstones and Bronze Statues to commemorate your loved one in a fitting way. We can make products to suit any requirement or budget and can ship products Australia wide. If we can’t install the item for you due to distance, we can supply you with contacts in your local area who can assist.