We can provide any size statue from a standard photo/s.

For bronze, our craftsman will hand make a clay model and then cast the Bronze mold to create a true masterpiece.

Stone carvings and statues are also timeless original pieces and usually cheaper than bronze options. All custom sizes available.

We can help design and create War Memorials, Commemorative Shrines, Animals life size or pint size. We can make almost any item/person and ship Australia wide.




You can see our full range of Bronze Sculptured Statues and Cemetery Supplies in our online catalogue or stone statues here


Bronze Statues


Bronze Statues


Bronze Statues


Bronze Statues

About Us

Australian Cemetery Supplies is a 3rd generation family owned business that has been operating since the 1970’s. Our home based factory is located on the South Coast of NSW and we service cemeteries right across Australia. We create customized Memorial Plaques, Grave Memorials, Headstones and Bronze Statues to commemorate your loved one in a fitting way. We can make products to suit any requirement or budget and can ship products Australia wide. If we can’t install the item for you due to distance, we can supply you with contacts in your local area who can assist.